Corporate & Social Responsibility

BNP Paribas is committed for a positive impact

Engaging with the local community

Having operated in the Channel Islands since 1979, we instil a company ethos of the precedence of supporting local initiatives to strengthen our community.

Our Corporate and Social Responsibility prospers through the continued willingness of our staff who have raised thousands over the years for associated charities. Each year staff vote for the charities they wish to support and donate via Payroll Giving and other staff-led initiatives which enable us to raise additional funds for charity.

Our Time For You To Give (OTFYTG) volunteering scheme gives our 300+ Channel Island based employees the opportunity to spend one day of ‘work time’ per annum on a number of voluntary projects covering People Care, We Are Tennis, our local Environment and Channel Island Heritage.

We wholeheartedly feel that our integrated Corporate and Social Responsibility activities are appreciated and successful due to the continued support of our staff, who go above and beyond for our commitment. But is also due to the efforts of the charitable, social and environmental organisations we work alongside, who work tirelessly to pave a brighter and stronger local community every day.

Our responsibility

Discover what we do to put in action our economic, social, civic and environmental responsibility

Local Heritage

Jersey Heritage is also important to us and the ‘OTFYTG’ volunteering initiative enables our staff to work on a range of tasks such as the archiving of documents, which includes cleaning, packaging, cataloguing and the scanning of documents, and more recently a team went to Mont Orgueil Castle to do ground clearance work.

People Care

For many years our staff have undertaken various gardening tasks at Jersey Hospice gardens and more recently worked in conjunction with the tireless Hospice volunteers on the logistical side of running their amazing charity shops.

Local Environment

We’ve taken part in projects such as tree planting, meadow clearing, beach cleaning and many more projects aimed to reset the clock and encourage local children to look after their islands. We feel it is vital to maintain our natural environments and nurture what we have for a more sustainable (and beautiful) future, so we are thrilled to be able to be involved whilst working alongside the environmental experts, who provide our staff and school children with educational talks.

For the Group, being a responsible bank means living up to its economic responsibilities and working to finance projects for its clients.

In addition, BNP Paribas recognises that it has responsibilities in three other areas:

Social responsibility

Promoting diversity and inclusion

Our greatest resource is our employees. Diversity, equality and inclusion are the star commitments of the Group, which are reflected in our values. BNP Paribas in Channel Islands pays special attention, among other things, to the parity man-woman in terms of promotions. This dynamic attentiveness has allowed the proportion of female executives and members of Senior Management to be reinforced over the last few years, to reach levels that position us in the lead concerning this issue.

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Encouraging the balance between professional and personal life and development

As a responsible employer, BNP Paribas is active in the development of its employees thanks to a professional path that’s dynamic, personalised and integrated.

We value new working methods which combine agility and innovation. As such, employees benefit from a positive professional environment, which protects their health and the balance between their professional and personal life.

Civic responsibility

Working towards cultural inclusion and education

This means helping to combat social exclusion and promoting education and culture. The Group has a strong stake in society, through initiatives and projects which take its banking role one step further for the good of society: special assistance for underprivileged neighbourhoods and marginalised areas, microcredit, support for charitable organisations and social economy enterprises. Our civic engagement is also manifested in the corporate philanthropy work done by the BNP Paribas Foundation, whose charity initiatives include educational, cultural and public health projects.

Environmental responsibility

Our strong commitment

BNP Paribas pays particular attention to the environmental impact resulting from its banking activities all over the world. The Group has drawn up and implemented detailed policies relating both to its day-to-day functioning and to sensitive fields of industry, and supports environmental initiatives through the BNP Paribas Foundation.